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Some of you guys have been asking us to make a post concerning the Apple Watch Series 6 that we should be expecting to be announced this September, and the reason we waited so long was because there really weren’t any good rumors and leaks out there, until now.

So in this post, I’m gonna discuss the expected announcement date, the release date, all of the leaks and rumors we currently have, which features you should expect, and whether you should actually wait for the Series 6 instead of just buying the Series 5 right now.

Let’s first try and figure out when we should expect it to get released. Apple has already announced that the 2020 iPhones will launch a few weeks later than usual. This is very vague because it could be 3 weeks or it could be 5 weeks, but I think it would be a mistake to wait too long. And this is important because Apple always releases new Apple Watch updates alongside their iPhones.

Twitter leaker Komiya initially posted that the Series 6 would be available to order on September 8th, a Wednesday, which assumes the same day as the September event, and then shipping on September 18th, which is the following friday. A few days later, he then said that the event might not happen on the 8th, but he’s sure that it’s in October.

However, Jon Prosser, another leaker, mentioned that he thinks the iPhone 12 announcement will actually happen in October, so things seem a bit uncertain at this moment. He seems to think that they’ll go on sale in Mid-October, so this would mean that the event could take place on October 6th or 7th, with a shipping date of October 16th for the Apple Watch Series 6.

I honestly wouldn’t expect it to be any later than that, because Apple is also rumored to be having a Special Event for their new Apple Silicon Macs, and that’s dated for October 27th, so Apple wouldn’t want those events too close to each other. But there’s also the chance that Apple will host their iPhone event sometime in September and simply delay the ship dates out into October, so it’s a bit of a toss up right now.

Now getting into all of the leaks we currently have, there will be an AirPower Mini for $99 and the full version of AirPower for $249 which will be announced alongside the Apple Watch Series 6. And Jon Prosser has mentioned that Apple finally got the Apple Watch to work with AirPower, so that’s reassuring. And according to Komiya, the AirPower Mini will be available sooner, with the large AirPower shipping at the end of this year. Now getting to Apple Watch specific leaks, some iOS 14 code leaked in March, pointing to Apple working on a new blood oxygen monitoring feature.

This is a very big deal because as you all know, a lot of businesses are requiring people to wear masks because of the current situation we’re living through, and masks obviously make it a bit harder to breathe, or else there wouldn’t be doing anything.

So essentially, your Apple Watch Series 6 will tell you when your blood oxygen level is dropping, letting you know if you should go outside, take your mask off and get some fresh air.

And by the way, we actually sell high-quality Apple product pattern masks that are made in the USA. They’re very soft and comfortable and you can find them in our merch shelf right below this video. Very recently, DigiTimes reported that Apple will in fact add this feature to the Apple Watch Series 6.

They mentioned that the new model will feature updated biosensors that detect blood oxygen, greatly improve sleep monitoring and it will incorporate an MEMS-based accelerator and gyroscope which should be much more accurate for precise measurements for things like workout and step monitoring. As you guys know, Apple is adding Sleep tracking to Watch OS 7.

Now my brother Max tested the beta version and he said it’s very limited and doesn’t work that well right now. So it would make sense that the new sensors in the Series 6 will greatly improve sleep tracking.

Now he also said that battery life was an issue because it obviously requires your watch to be on, so we should expect Apple to work on improving the battery life for the Series 6.

Just a couple of days ago, a 303.8mAh battery was leaked, which should be destined for the new Apple Watch. The current Series 5 has a 296mAh battery, so there definitely is an improvement there.

The larger size could be due to Apple ditching Force Touch in the upcoming WatchOS 7. Komiya also tweeted showing that same battery size as we saw in that leak, but he also included two other battery sizes, presumably for the smaller 40mm size and a model with Cellular.

Now as far as the performance, an app developer who has access to Apple’s Developer Transition kit for the switch to Apple Silicon, found new code that points to new Apple chips, including an S6 chip for the Apple Watch.

And since we know that Apple’s upcoming iPhones and Apple Silicon Macs are gonna be made using TSMC’s new 5nm process, we can expect the S6 chip to be more efficient, leading to the same great performance while getting better battery life, which will help with sleep tracking.

Way back in November of 2019, Ming-Chi Kuo stated that he believes the Apple Watch Series 6 will come with a new Liquid Crystal Polymer flexible circuit board that will improve performance, water resistance and wireless transmission which will help with both WiFi and cellular speeds. In August of 2019, Apple filed for a patent to enable their Apple Watch to come with a new antenna arrow that would allow for a larger range of cellular frequencies, basically pointing to Apple working on a 5G Apple Watch.

Now since Apple is releasing 5G iPhones this year, there’s a chance that we could get a 5G Apple Watch, but honestly, I think it’s a bit too soon because it’s gonna negatively impact battery life and 5G hasn’t really seen wide implementation yet. Way back in July of 2019, some sources claimed that the new Apple Watch Series 6 could come with a MicroLED display.

However, leaker Love to Dream claimed that the Series 6 will actually continue using the same display as the Series 5, so it’s definitely a toss up on that. But in my personal opinion, since the iPhone 12 is getting a new squared-edge design, and the Apple Silicon Macs are coming this year, it would make sense for Apple to change up the exterior look or design a bit to entice users to upgrade, since the Series 5 only had minimal changes. Now somebody did find some new code in iOS 14 beta, showing slimmer bezels compared to before and the removal of the side button, which could be switched to using a static haptic button instead of an actually protruding button.

This change would help with water resistance. This could also match up to a rumor back in March that Apple is adding a Touch ID fingerprint sensor to the Apple Watch Series 6, which would work perfectly in place of the current side button. Now if Apple did truly slim the bezels again, that change alone along with the new biosensors might be enough for a lot of users to upgrade.

And now, with all of that out of the way, let’s talk about if you should wait for the Series 6 or not. Well, since we’re only around a month or two away, I would definitely suggest waiting unless you absolutely want a watch right now. And you also have to ask yourself, how much does blood oxygen monitoring and sleep tracking matter to you? If not much, then ask how important the slightly slimmer display is to you. And finally, we should be expecting a pretty decent battery life improvement, so if that by itself will make the Series 6 worth it for you, then I would definitely wait.

But if you think the Series 5 does everything you currently need it to do, and you’re not that excited for the new features, then I would consider picking up a Series 5 right now. The only downside is that there really aren’t any great sales going on right now, with the best price looking like $409 on Amazon, about $20 off for the 44mm model. And I honestly don’t think the price will go up that much on the Series 6, maybe a maximum of $50 more, or it might even have the same starting price, so based on that, if you can wait, then absolutely wait for the Series 6.


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