Is it worth buying MacBook now ?


The final leak and rumor that put the last nail in the coffin and confirmed a bunch of other recent leaks about Apple’s custom Silicon Macs being officially announced in as little as 6 weeks from today. So what I’m gonna do in this post is show you guys all of those leaks and actually wrap them all up and explain why they totally make sense, and why we should expect these MacBooks to be announced at Apple’s October event.

And I’m not gonna stop there.. I’m also gonna show you guys some leaks of the features we should expect on those Apple Silicon MacBooks, but first, I want to mention that you can find our new Apple Product mask down in the merch shelf below! It all started at Apple’s WWDC 2020 event when Tim Cook himself said that Apple Silicon Macs will begin shipping later this year, so that’s confirmation from the Apple himself.

Now on the topic of MacBooks, let me show you guys a few of the older leaks and rumors we were seeing a couple of months back. There were rumors of the first Apple Silicon MacBook being a revived 12” Retina MacBook which has been discontinued for a while now. And if we consider why it was discontinued, it totally makes sense. Basically, Apple wanted a fanless design, but Intel’s chips were running way too hot to make it a great MacBook.

So having an Apple Silicon chip would allow it to be much more powerful and run cooler while still being fanless, and getting better battery life. However, the very reliable analyst mentioned that the 13.3” MacBook Pro could be the very first MacBook to get Apple Silicon later this year. Now I know a lot of you guys are waiting for that 14” MacBook Pro redesign, but all of the rumors are still pointing to that coming next year, so don’t expect a 14” display next month.

I personally believe that the lower-end $1300 MacBook Pro 13” is gonna get replace d by the new Apple Silicon MacBook Pro, while the higher-end $1800 model will stay unchanged until the 14” model replaces it next year. Now kuo also expects a lower-end 24” iMac to get released either at the end of the year or early next year, but that’s a topic for a whole nother video.

And then Digitimes also mentioned that they expect both a refreshed MacBook Air and a MacBook Pro to get released later this year, both with Apple Silicon chips. So basically, these leaks and rumors are showing us that if you’re in the market for any lower-end MacBook Pro, from the MacBook Air to the 13” MacBook Pro, you absolutely should NOT be buying one and you should definitely be waiting for Apple’s upcoming October event.

Now you’re probably asking, when is that event happening, and what should we expect from it? And this is the part of the video where we get into the brand new nail in the coffin leaks and rumors, so let’s get right into it. Komiya, a prominent leaker on twitter, mentioned that we should be seeing a few things at Apple’s event, including a new MacBook and a 13” MacBook Pro. Now as you guys can see, there’s no mention of a MacBook Air, so let me give you my personal take on this. I believe that going forward, Apple is gonna consolidate the 12” Retina MacBook and the MacBook Air into one laptop, it’s just gonna be the Apple MacBook. Why? Well, because the current 13” MacBook Air is already incredibly similar to the MacBook Pro, the main difference is wedge-shaped design, the intel CPU and the cooling system.

And if you think about it, the Apple Silicon chip is gonna negate two of those differences, the Intel CPU and the cooling, so it just makes sense for Apple to just make one simple MacBook based on a super thin design with excellent battery life. And I’ll show you guys the specific leaks that lead me to that speculation in a minute, but first, let’s get back to the Apple event date. The very accurate leaker, Jon Prosser, posted an Apple release date timeline, and he expects Apple’s iPhone 12 event to happen on the week starting October 12th.

Now before we move on, let me explain how Apple used to have their Fall events. They usually hold an iPhone event within the first two weeks of September, and then they hold an October event at the end of October for iPad and Mac-related things. Now because of the whole pandemic situation, Tim Cook announced during their Q2 earnings results that their iPhones would be shipping a few weeks later than usual, so that gives us confirmation that everything should be set back. So if you look at Jon Prosser’s timeline, it totally makes sense for the event to be moved into October, and then it also makes sense to just consolidate both events into one since it’s gonna be online only and that makes it a bit more complicated than usual for Apple.

And as for the date, Monday the 12th of October at 10am Pacific makes the most sense. But Japanese site Mac Otakara recently mentioned that the October Event could happen in the 2nd half of October instead, so we’ll just have to wait and see! Getting back to the brand new leaks, Komiya tweeted out that the 13” MacBook Pro will be shipping in October, so I’m expecting preorders to begin on the 16th, with shipments beginning on the 23rd.

And then he mentioned that the new MacBook will begin to ship in November, so this matches up to all of the leaks and rumors pointing to the MacBook Pro shipping first. Now as far as the features, this is where it gets very interesting. Komiya posted that the MacBook will have a 12” Retina display with an Apple Silicon getting 15 to 20 hours of battery life. That right there is the #1 reason why this MacBook will be so popular. And to make it even better, he believes the starting price will be $849, and only $799 for students.

And seeing as most students will be doing their work from home this year, Apple’s new MacBook is gonna be insanely popular thanks to this low price. He also mentioned that the FaceTime camera will be upgraded to 720p from the previous 480p, and it’ll only be around 2 pounds, which is super lightweight. Now you might not think he is very credible, but earlier this morning, the China Times posted an article basically confirming everything Komiya was saying, a very lightweight 2 pounds MacBook with 15 to 20 hours of battery life launching this year.

And they believe it’ll come with the A14X chip which is expected to come in the upcoming iPad Pro, but I personally believe that it won’t be called the A14X. It’ll be almost identical, but Apple will name it something else, because Apple did mention that their Apple Silicon Macs will have a new family of SoCs. Now Komiya also tweeted out the expected features of the MacBook Pro, and this is perhaps the most surprising information.

It’ll have a 13” display, which matches up to other rumors, but he says it’ll have the option for either an Apple Silicon chip or an Intel CPU, which actually isn’t the first time I’m hearing that rumor. But maybe there’s a chance that the Intel CPU option will simply be on the higher-end $1800 model, which is what I’m personally expecting. He then mentioned that it’ll come with bezels as thin as the current 16” model, which is the first time I’m hearing that, since others have speculated that the design will remain unchanged, but Komiya thinks that the body will be a little smaller.

Komiya then says it’ll get a 1080p FaceTime camera, and it’ll be priced at $1099, which is $200 less expensive than the current Macbook Pro that this model will be replacing, and it’ll ship in October. So based on all of that, this will be an absolutely killer MacBook Pro, and due to the price drop, many students will be buying this one as well. Now as a final cherry on top, he posted that in 2021, when we’re expecting the 14” MacBook Pro, he expects it to have an escape key, a new Touch bar, whatever that means, and a simple power button.

So basically, he’s hinting at the 14” MacBook Pro coming with Face ID built in, which has been rumored for a while now, and that’s extremely exciting! And I also expect the 16” MacBook Pro to get Apple Silicon next year with Face ID and a new Mini-LED display.


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